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                                dream 040198
                                Eglinton Hill

                I am going to buy Eglinton Hill from the present owners
                been left the keys to explore the house (with C)
                in the first floor middle bedroom I find
                (without surprise) various people from my past
                in arm chairs who say something funny
                or I say something funny (I know what to say)
                and then they disappear
                so then I look out of the window at the garden
                and thrill inside at the trees that I shall inherit
                huge fir trees scattered around the land
                some cut down huge cuts of wood 8’ in diameter
                a large saw mill attached to the house          quiet

                the owners are coming home now their dogs get excited
                the owner is my Dad’s
                wife been walking with her friend
                a small crowd of us at a garden table
                and Dad is somewhere there too
                although I don’t see him
                we are all happy and relaxed
                making arrangements





bedroom wormhole: from the / bedroom / window
C & dream & house wormhole: dream / 221297
Dad & Eglinton Hill & windows wormhole: dream / 301197 // home
fir wormhole: the pleasant land / of counterpane
garden & trees wormhole: how hard / to meditate
people wormhole: to be or to / Have been // that is the / question
talking wormhole: dream / 010397