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                      in a house which is all my house
                      I was both a child and the parent that I am
                      I am in the large airy conservatory
                      where we all collect together

                      I notice my Nan working
                      mixing something into a bowl
                      with the help of mechanical hands
                      which move like real hands
                      folding unfolding grasping held at the wrists
                      she has to use these hands she is getting old

                      she is preparing for something for the family
                      she is tired she is pushing herself
                      she has an air of bitterness and upset
                      she says to me after a little while
                      “don’t open the presents too early
                      I know what you are for being in the moment”

                      I wander off chastised
                      I am making her worried
                      I might open the presents too early
                      I might do that

                      I arrange the presents around the tree
                      I wasn’t going to open them too soon
                      I wasn’t going to spoil it all for Mum but
                      I become so locked with accumulation
                      I am just moving back to immanence
                      to innate wisdom to intuition to creativity
                      I hope I am not dishonouring Mum
                      I merely wish to travel my path
                      I couldn’t spoil it all could I?





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