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There is a delicate balance to maintain when walking into the classroom.   In one’s management of interaction during the lesson, just the right amount of humour, adjustment of the teacher’s responses, adjustment of the activity, responses to individual needs and conditions of pupils etc… needs to be finely judged.   The teacher, if s/he is to perform well, needs much more than the lesson preparation, they need the ‘performance’ which delivers the lesson with the sensitive response of a stage performer performing to a diverse audience.   If the teacher does not feel right – if they have travelled between sites, if they have no guaranteed break during the day (the week!), they are required to fulfil many other administrative/educational tasks in no extra time, if their subject is trashed by individuals, or school management or society, if the media has had a recent dump on teachers exasperated that children, yet again, seem out of control and unfit for the economy etc. – their performance will be off, they will mis-read situations, they will miss individual communications, they will over-respond to some and under-respond to others etc.   The teacher is a performer and needs to be nurtured if you want the care that teaching IS delivered.


misfits’ miscellanysays: Yes, Sir!

mlr says: And don’t let me have to tell you again – I said I want applause when I have taught you a lesson!
misfits’ miscellany says: Listen for sound of one hand clapping.

mlr says: I am humbled


performance wormhole: I think I know why I don’t like teaching, even though I quite like teaching and am quite good at it, even if I do have to say so myself
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