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                                the library,
                                you know …

                … you can swagger with your sunglasses on your head your
                                tattoo on your arm and your belt ‘round your hips
                you can have pink red braids straggled with your own hair in
                                a fountain and stand with fat ankles
                you can yawn on your perch-chair and jiggle your foot as you
                                look long at person after person with your mouth

                … you can wear your mouth down
                you can wear your toes orange
                you can study with your legs out you can study with your
                                sunglasses on

                … you can walk so fat that your legs can’t reach
                you can shirt so blue that your shoe can’t limp
                you can live here all your life and still wonder ‘bout the

                but you all have marshy landscapes at dawn with lemon belts
                                of mist and voice





blue wormhole: how hard / to meditate
change wormhole: it was the breeze wot did it
compassion wormhole: greeyn
dawn wormhole: wanting to be loved
hair wormhole: you are in uniform
lemon & mist & reading wormhole: wider resolve
life wormhole: successive scenes in the autobiopera / conflict and resolution in each episode // credits: me me me me me
looking wormhole: new life
mouth & voices wormhole: left and right of the chin held / slightly back / corners of the mauff held / slightly down
orange wormhole: King of the World
pink wormhole: dream / 301197 // home
walking wormhole: ‘just slip into life …’
Woolwich wormhole: A206 / Plumstead Road: / perched on a wall