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                                     Beresford Square:

                           but in the centre of town
                           it’s so easy to lose the scent
                                the breeze

                           too many others saying and wearing
                                it is
                           have to deal with them all

                           have to protect myself
                           mustn’t lose my chance
                                no …

                                                I lean forward
                           child wanted to pass behind
                                on the wall

                                     it’s alright it’s alright





breeze wormhole: clouds
child wormhole: all the while / the flagpole rope / occasionally flaps / the breeze
childhood wormhole: ashramas
compassion wormhole: the library, / you know …
Have wormhole: not fact
identity wormhole: successive scenes in the autobiopera / conflict and resolution in each episode // credits: me me me me me
speech wormhole: father figure – triptych
walls wormhole: dream / 301197 // home
Woolwich wormhole: Anglesea Road