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                                Herbert Road diptych

                                                                                                  one –
                                                                                      eyebrows    painted on
                                                                                             like wha’?

                              ”-,,-”                                                             ,,-”-,,

                      the other –

                      ‘that job-yeah …?’
            breath-in   held   chin-out   lilac streaks
                      in bleached hair,
            ‘… I advise yoo,’
                      best interview voice
                      ‘knot to taykit’





breath wormhole: successive scenes in the autobiopera / conflict and resolution in each episode // credits: me me me me me
faces wormhole: travel brow-raise lip-pout
girl wormhole: tiered
Herbert Road wormhole: the spectre
lilac wormhole: as
passing wormhole: Eridge Station
speech wormhole: Beresford Square: // it’s alright it’s alright