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                                          I did the HW
                                          I learnt the vocab
                                          I wrote the essays
                                          I said the mantras
                                          I said I do
                                          I looked after the kids
                                          I marked the books
                                          I cut the grass
                                          to get along       to fit in

                                          I read the comics
                                          I read the books
                                          I wrote the poems
                                          I surfed the texts
                                          I played bodhisattva
                                          I read to the kids
                                          I created the markbook
                                          and the yin yang learning
                                          to find the purpose

                                                                      but I didn’t notice
                                     that only the longer stems
                                on the grassy bank down to the road here
                                                                      in the air





air wormhole: Joni Mitchell
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doing wormhole: Anglesea Road
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