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                mistaking the finger for the moon

                      lookithat …

                      I sit down to write
                I want to write something good
                after a few minutes I
                      at last
                have the bottom-line wisdom to see
                      that nothing
                      is coming
                so I leave the date and the empty space
                and go off looking for
                      something else

                      disappointed …

                I should have started by stating
                      I had nothing
                      to say
                or exploring the tendons of why
                      I had nothing
                      to say
                or listening to the silence of
                      having nothing
                      to say
                then I would have found whole landscapes
                as I emerged from the trees

                      but I sat
                      and I stared
                at the empty space under the date
                and felt insufficient
                      and worried
                      and annoyed
                      all together …
                before I ran away
                      after something else

                much as I sit meditating …





meaning wormhole: not fact
meditation wormhole: how hard / to meditate
moon wormhole: August / Adventure
realisation wormhole: twice
silence wormhole: I don’t know what to do …
writing wormhole: successive scenes in the autobiopera / conflict and resolution in each episode // credits: me me me me me
zazen wormhole: the ocean