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                      try too hard and I miss the whole field
                      miss the whole   field and     I feel lost
                                                   and stupid
                      feeling lost and stupid I try    too hard
                                                   to compensate
          and there
                                                                      is where I go wrong

                                   I  should  never  compensate:
                                   too      much      construction
                                   too much effort  to live up to
                                          slow               slow
                                             quick      quick
                                                      s l o





dancing wormhole: should // be // aware
doing & identity wormhole: Woodbrooke labyrinth / affirmations
field wormhole: ‘the next station / is Hever’
living wormhole: practise what you doing / give what you having / breathe what you remember
zazen wormhole: adversely / mistaking the finger for the moon / again