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                     zazen in everyday life

                                                              zazen in sitting
                                          on a quiet Sunday afternoon
      the coolant works round the back of the fridge
                     and the breeze shakes
                     the sunny yellow climber
                     over the iron gateway

                     on the road cars approach and pass in a hush and
                                          occasional bikes insist
                                          the familiar doppler
                     sparrows cheep in the trees somewhere
                                                              lost without walls
                     a tv showcases a sport happening somewhere
                                          lost in the commentary

                                                              the open kitchen door closes a bit
                                                                                              the coolant stops





afternoon & sparrows wormhole: afternoon 290613
awareness wormhole: should // be // aware
breeze wormhole: Beresford Square: // it’s alright it’s alright
cars wormhole: 1968
kitchen wormhole: twice
life wormhole: good / enough
openness wormhole: both
settling wormhole: getting rid / of old books
silence worhole: adversely / mistaking the finger for the moon / again
sitting wormhole: Woodbrooke labyrinth / affirmations
sound & trees wormhole: … the discipline of shamatha / and the waft of vipashyana
Sunday wormhole: Sunday
talking wormhole: dream / 190599
walls wormhole: red net curtains / with appliqué blooms
yellow wormhole: how hard / to meditate
zazen wormhole: slow slow / quick quick / slo / w