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                                ‘… begin the sequence of taking from your own side’

may all the wans and wishes of my life, the minutes that feel like hours ticking slowly across the whitewashed wall, the sit – u – a – tion that became my in-breath

                                                      for decades
                                all be gathered
                                without blink or
                                extra breath
                                              stable and
                                into the corner of the tile
                                three feet in front of me

                                and if it ripples like cream
                                or becomes a tree-lined meadow
                                by a small blue stream without
                                ceasing to be a tile
                                may these all be gathered





awareness & being & settling wormhole: zazen
blue & white wormhole: red net curtains / with appliqué blooms
breathing wormhole: practise what you doing / give what you having / breathe what you remember
life & sitting & trees & walls wormhole: zazen in everyday life
time wormhole: … the discipline of shamatha / and the waft of vipashyana