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            through the window

            I looked
at the man across the road
over his shoulder as he did something up the stepladder what’s he
            looking at
I thought and took a sip of tea and
a prettygirl crossing the road without
adjusting her headphones walking her dog
at the ground to sniff letting the wind hold her hair across her face while the car passed behind her
at her stride listening to her music
her reflection in the tinted glass of the parked car then she
the wind and walked on and I
down and faced the page I was writing on
            both of us satisfied





cars wormhole: zazen in everyday life
combe end wormhole: open window
dog wormhole: first dog / in the park
girl & hair & passing wormhole: Herbert Road diptych
identity wormhole: zazen
listening & roads & smell wormhole: Anglesea Road
looking wormhole: the library, / you know …
reflection wormhole: morning / cloud pass
tea wormhole: grey sky
thinking wormhole: the ocean
walking wormhole: while
wind wormhole: … the discipline of shamatha / and the waft of vipashyana
windows wormhole: red net curtains / with appliqué blooms
writing wormhole: adversely / mistaking the finger for the moon / again