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                                   ignore my creation and offer
                                   then tell me to take responsibility
                                   if I want to be heard even though

                                   I can only test the weight
                                   and sway of a re spon si bi li ty
                                   in a place where the walls listen

                                   so I’ll continue to work
                                   with purpose and tragedy
                                   deep into the silent nights to which

                                   ignore that I am wasted and
                                   presume me unnecessary
                                   then suffer me withdrawn then

                                   want me mi nu te ly attentive
                                   to every ache pain and crisis and
                                   all the while imply that I don’t

                                   I am an inverse superhero

                                   everything that is faster taller
                                   and somewhat super in me
                                   doesn’t shift waft or is even noticed

                                   and my secret identity
                                   is suffered to be around ‘if only
                                   he had a bit more élan’





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