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          half-steps and shuffles all around Castleton
                         shall we buy this
                                   shall we have that
                                             fat from Having
               and with a headache from the red white and blue bunting I need some
               I need to sit and write
                               look up
               let everything go     quiet
               the single branch of the tree
               as the outer leaves





awareness & writing wormhole: only
being & silence wormhole: across the room / through the patio doors / through the conservatory windows / at the bottom of the garden / the still bifurcated trunk of / the oak / before the let-grown hair and fringes / of the fir tree / blown every lifetime in a while by the winter sun // actually
blue & white wormhole: too
branches wormhole: only
breeze wormhole: zazen in everyday life
Castleton wormhole: all the while / the flagpole rope / occasionally flaps / the breeze
Have wormhole: Have what, now?
leaves wormhole: Eridge Station
letting go wormhole: gradually finding
looking & walking wormhole: through the window
red wormhole: red net curtains / with appliqué blooms
sitting wormhole: Child of Illusion
trees wormhole: 220712