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                                 publishing too much
                                    not writing enough
                                       not allowing myself
                                          time to    sit at a page
                                             and let the flow of thought
                                                well up from a core
                                                   where I will shape it skilful
                                                      into a bowl of equal bulge
                                                         all round and a slightly
                                                            out-turned and even lip
                                                               for someone else to glaze
                                                                  and colour or hold water in
                                                                  as they wish





creativity wormhole: across the room / through the patio doors / through the conservatory windows / at the bottom of the garden / the still bifurcated trunk of / the oak / before the let-grown hair and fringes / of the fir tree / blown every lifetime in a while by the winter sun // actually
others wormhole: Woodbrooke labyrinth / affirmations
publishing & sitting & writing wormhole: and
thought wormhole: again
water wormhole: let us mauve a whirl          elongated