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                between the Batman and the bedroom

                                   are all the possibility of




                                   much like all the discernment between the bird and birds
                                              without getting lost in the song

                                   but beware the long and windy path between black
                                                              the black bat
and blue


                                   always remember to read between the books
                there is many a fall between branches and the open space of breakdown –

                                   and always ground yourself breathing with the breeze

                … especially when insensate in Brighton lost amid the brown brown facades of buildings


and never ever forget the moving bus
                                   especially from around the corners





Batman wormhole: wha’
bedroom & brown wormhole: still waving!
being & talking to myself wormhole: the Big Stage
bird wormhole: looking
birds wormhole: the pleasant land / of counterpane
birdsong wormhole: rhetorical inevitability inexorable in both immanent dissipation & implicit effulgence
black & buildings wormhole: still there?
black bat wormhole: LET’S GO!
blue & books & breeze & reading wormhole: transition
branches wormhole: let
breakdown wormhole: I don’t know what to do …
breathing wormhole: again
Brighton wormhole: new life
bus wormhole: ‘spilled out of the nurses’ / quarters …’
identity wormhole: shared anxiety
path wormhole; all the while / the flagpole rope / occasionally flaps / the breeze
tag cloud poem wormhole: tag cloud poem II – acceptance