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                                                                      young –
                I don’t know how things are done I just stare wonderingly and act inexplicably
                                but I had the perfect cover – I was a child

                                                                                    Dad left –
I still don’t know how things happen so I sit and explore the wonder in comics
                                most of the time
                under cover of being – ‘the man of the house now’

                                                                      teenager –
                I still don’t know how to be with others
but I am finding an ethic and aesthetic wonderful within the things I don’t understand and beginning to see
                                                   that others do not
                while reading and being a student – that’s what students do

                                                   and adult –
I do all the things I’m supposed to do
                but still do not understand them and even try to take them seriously
                                all the while slowly becoming old and left alone
                                                                      politely – I’m past understanding now

                                was it me –
                or was there really nothing to understand all along
or did I just go wrong looking for the sparkle elsewhere than where I’d find it …


                                                                      …?   – play play play
                                with everything – the sounds the difficulty and the long long strands of liquorice





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