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                                                      through the kitchen

                            below the single streetlight
                            at the top of the road

                            the headlights raised the curtain
                            on the white-plastic fascia

                                           and then turned right a frosted
                glass window to the left

                            leaving the carpet a matt glaze
                            run drying back down the tarmac

                            for the rest of the evening
                            and into the night





cars & kitchen wormhole: still waving!
combe end wormhole: across the room / through the patio doors / through the conservatory windows / at the bottom of the garden / the still bifurcated trunk of / the oak / before the let-grown hair and fringes / of the fir tree / blown every lifetime in a while by the winter sun // actually
evening wormhole: dream / 301197 // home
houses wormhole: still there // above the / Dallin Road / allotments / looking high over the river and the city
night wormhole: and
passing wormhole: tired
roads & stars wormhole: 3:30 am
streetlight wormhole: bad sneakers
windows wormhole: the Avengers