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                                                                                 (to be read with a Miranda – Richardson – playing – Queenie voice)





                      said the curly toes oh
                      what a day we’ve had
                      fine-enough we spent it
                      wearing filmy-whitey stockings –
                      for we are young and
                      although we are cramped and
                      although we sweat just a little
                      we still press against the image
                      and slightly bend at the knuckle and we are
                      always upturned at the end but

                      we were dropped in a tank
                      all filled with swirling air and
                      furnished as a Louis XIV ante-room, we think,
                      where we hung inquisitive and silent
                      for an exquisite epoch while the
                      bluelight held no time of the day

                      my little ones said the model you’ve had a busy day
                      settle down now for we have more time to play


first published in the comments of poojycat if you want to see the original …




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