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                                                                                             gazing at the night
                                                                          as my eyes passed the jagged hole
                                                                                my head disappeared *

                                when it all goes wrong
and I am not the person I thought I was

                                (even when I thought
I was the person who had understood that I am not the persons
                I would like to be)

                                I am left – clean and confused –
on some faraway beach ** usually (eventually) looking around for
                new clothes to wear but

                                potentially (fortuitously)
I could stand       where I am       and wear the clothes I haven’t got with
                no shame or embarrassment …

                                … I like to write (from the middle of nowhere)
                                I sit (but still working on the still)
                I wear the cowl, the cape and the skyline of the Batman
I am stuck in the Plumstead of my emergent childhood
                I am (constantly) diffident (except when I think to be a leader)
                                              I am parent whose field is wider than the sky
                                I am husband whose picture is more than the point
I am teacher far lower than the waves (I cannot cope with splattering my eyes and spluttering my nose)

                                … in the great wash
of life I am of no effect but then everything has happened
                because of this


* glass
** Brian Eno; Here Come the Warm Jets (1974)




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