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                                poessay VIII:
                                educational behaviourism

                     teaching is a
                                          between teacher and pupil between school and teacher

                     management of education
                                has shifted from collegiate sharing to hierarchical interview
                                          without consultation

                     a velvet coup deep into the Heartland of Vocation – the desire to give Opening of Mind –                
                                          which has nullified teacher creativity and reduced learning to                
                                                      controlled behaviour, which you can Have

                                dialogue is dissipated
                                communication devolves to
                                demand and consumption
                                there is no interaction
                                there is no communication
                                only mechanism
                                because mechanism is easily switched
                                and mechanism is easily measured

                     the more that communication is systemic and systematic
                                the more it provides springboard for pupils to define themselves            

                     the inverse norm of behaviour in which individuals site themselves            
                                and against which education must then try to            





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