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                                vagued when young
                and beguiled by sudden colour all beautiful but the treasure
                                              I never knew
                                              I had

                                I emerged myself
                through the vague I buffed up the sudden-colour unsure
                                              as I defined myself bas-
                                              relief to my work

                                and role – maybe
                I can reveal a treasure maybe this is what I am destined to do
                                              but they didn’t see it
                                              so I kept it to myself

                                I made the call
                there was no response eleven years twenty five years forty
                                              five years

                                a long time
                I have kept all my wonder secret within my eyes / it seeps out at times / exposed but not expressed / still vague still unsure no platform / I cannot lead I cannot prophesy … just / let it be found                      
                                              (it is never found)
                                              (it is sometimes tripped over) … fine

                                but then hubris
                I thought I could – and I did – and I hung all my being on it – the turning point of my biography –
                                              and the bleak landscape
                                              I have found hard to bear

                                I am
                better placed / and better identified / being covert
                                              and not think
                                              I could ever part the seas





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