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                th’attention to doing
                                              to being ‘snot
                                nor’bsorbed t’exclusion

                t’alights on immanence
                                              as quick’sit br e  a   t    h     e      s
                                but ne’er’nticipates

                like th’butterfly unconcerned
                                              if ‘tis a human
                                dreaming ‘tis butterfly –
                                flit –

                like th’thumbs which neither
                                              lean nor meet
                                but cannot slip
                                their mutual name

                both gravitational field ‘n’ edge
                                              both ‘n’ ever
                                sufficient ‘n’ evanescent through which to pass life
                                ‘til death do us part





attention wormhole: what to do
being & breathing & doing wormhole: may the supreme and precious jewel bodhichitta … // … take birth where it has not yet done so … // … where it has taken birth may it not decrease … // … but may it increase infinitely
living wormhole: achieving good-enough living