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                the hill of redbrick ‘Houses’ of offices
                     some brown – shows the red
                greentint windows
                     some open – for the air
                back off the road
                     holding the wide air above – like armchairs
                     the gloss of busy – clicks and replaces
                as the sun moves behind

                               but there
                          emerged from one of the Houses
                     on the edge of the pavement – waiting to cross
                someone comes alive – stood
                          in worn shoes in
                          fleecy-brown top
                          stubble and lips-in
                          comfort cigarette
                          drawn ready looking
                          at the cars passing
                          uphill and down





air wormhole: time
brown wormhole: quest in brown
buildings & passing wormhole: deepening with each step
cars wormhole: someone called Frank
green & windows wormhole: achieving good-enough living
Haywrads Heath wormhole: two fat ladies / chk klak klip // all the while
hill wormhole: I glimpse above the rooftops
open wormhole: sunny day
red & sound wormhole: multifarious: the Dark Knight Returns (1986)
roads wormhole: star / through the kitchen / window
sun wormhole: axis: bold as love