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                are not to free the thoughts
                                nor to purify and clean them

                                but to know them
                                              to catch them even

                                              in the net
                                              of things
                                              c i r c u m s t a n c e

                                                                and let them in-
                                                                form the world
                                                                in which I live
                                                                and     struggle





life wormhole: may the supreme and precious jewel bodhichitta … // … take birth where it has not yet done so … // … where it has taken birth may it not decrease … // … but may it increase infinitely
meaning wormhole: ‘just popping down / to the shops’
thought wormhole: a splash of fresh water
words wormhole: plethora: the Dark Knight Strikes Again (2002)
world wormhole: tag cloud poem V – draft-ness