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                      waking up to being aware as I wake
                           not too much not too little
                      learning to slip the hand into
                           the pocket now I know where it is
                      there is so much of my living
                           where I have been absent

                           so much

                      attention is effortless, it just is …
                           never striving for justice HA!
                      it is sufficient to what is experienced
                           if only I knew it
                      if only I didn’t spin around it
                           one way the other
                           sometimes ahead

                           mostly detached

                      practise it at work – simply being
                           simply doing
                           humbly doing it
                           sufficient unto its own glory
                           and dignity
                      to slip into it – like a pocket – through
                           colour sound movement comparison
                      to relax into it gently
                           with openness and candour and love
                                be it what I may





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