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                                              poessay VII:

                                              true revolution
                                is in the mind
                                              it starts as Sartre said
                                when you say no but does not
                                become transitive action
                                              denying for others
                                              denying through others
                                                              that would be a violence
                                a personal experience made to shape another’s reality no

                                              the no
                                isn’t even a denial more an
                                              more a watching
                                more a not-becoming-beguiled-in-it
                                              not becoming en-guiled
                                                              by not caging reality
                                                              by not declaring reality by it
                                by not ‘avving a word’ so

                                              what is it
                                that you say no to?
                the eternal tapestry of thoughts and emotions
                                which are the froth of reality
                                but not the reality itself
                                              once it has all settled
                                                              of its own accord
                                                                                 the form is emptiness
                and all the thoughts and feelings that tessellate during sitting
                                              which are noticed – thinking –
                                              and let go – breathing –
                                                              return to the emptiness that they never left

                                is practising revolution
                                              like a Moebius strip
                                              and so is





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