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                                across the top of the road
                they arrive at the grass edge
                                              to cross
                                the retriever the daughter and the mother

                                the dog sits
                the girl looks ahead at the other side of the road
                                her mother’s hand hovers above the child’s head as she turns to check for traffic

                                              her hand
                                gently alights on the girl’s head
                the retriever pulls ahead and unwinds the lead clak clak
                                              the camber
                                              tips the girl
                                              into a trot
                                                                                    a pause …
why not?

                                the mother
                throws out her arm and trots too with
                                              heavy hips
                                                              and leaps
                                                              when she reaches the grass verge





combe end wormhole: tag cloud poem IV – C
daughter & dog wormhole: tag cloud poem V – draft-ness
girl wormhole: through the window
grass wormhole: the straight line of stones marking the geometry / of death / settle all their own levels over time to make / a new rhythm
looking wormhole: ‘just popping down / to the shops’
mother wormhole: t w e n t y f i r s t c e n t u r y l i f e
passing wormhole: b / l / u / e / s / at a right-angle
roads wormhole: a splash of fresh water
sound wormhole: emerged
walking wormhole: deepening with each step