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                                                              in the garden
                                                              by the pond
                                              listening to the sounds
                                              flim over the water and alight
                                              on the stone
                                              in the sun
                                movement to rest indifferent
                cascade of trill and call
from rooftop to kitchen clink
                                firry as leylandii drifting
                                              this way and that
                                                              on the water







awareness wormhole: the pocket
breeze wormhole: the declensions of constant possibility throughout times
combe end wormhole: the retriever the daughter and the mother
fir & stone wormhole: the straight line of stones marking the geometry / of death / settle all their own levels over time to make / a new rhythm
garden wormhole: the meaning is the moment all day long
kitchen wormhole: star / through the kitchen / window
letting go wormhole: the en-gentled / end of a wan / writing retreat
rooftops wormhole: I glimpse above the rooftops
sound wormhole: old age
stillness wormhole: settling
sun wormhole: letter 080514
water wormhole: a splash of fresh water