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                     the Buddha head in an antique shop stood
                     large and quiet on a cherry wood corner unit

                     by the open door
                                                 what, a Buddha’s head in an

                     antique shop thought I and crossed the road
                     to study the lids cast down detached reserved

                     but not closed to a smile and more mysteriously
                     connected beneath my spiky-backed search for

                     authenticity than my hollow preferences could
                     ever be

                                  making little whorls of realisation all
                     about his head – the release of the milliard

                     anxieties in the myriad of people I have ever
                     known – topped by a flame on the crown so that

                     I knew still that there was more work to be done:

                                walking around
                                in life – there is
                                nothing but walk
                                ing about in life
                                no matter how in
                                between or steep
                                or lost no matter
                                the sweaty knees
                                the lucky finds
                                the giving way
                                the loss of time
                                even if I found
                                my way and even
                                if I’d taken diff-
                                erent turns and
                                alleyways there
                                is still only the
                                lift the swing
                                the plant and
                                the roll to the
                                next          step

                     I went back to see what the price was but the

                     shop was closed and everything in it to be
                     considered pre-ordered or pre-sold anyway





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