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                learning to return
                tens of times now
                more gently
                to the posture
                each session

                open window

                grey cloud is high and
                covers everything
                seamlessly but

                through the car wssshh
                some birds have started
                and on the hood of the streetlamp
                just a glint
                of sunlight





birds & openness wormhole: I find / you find your bones / on the outbreath
cars wormhole: a splash of fresh water
clouds wormhole: no hat
combe end & streetlight wormhole: ‘I can hear it raining / but cannot see it …’
grey wormhole: I will eventually drift tectonic
passing wormhole: titanic
posture wormhole: ‘til death do us part
settling wormhole: connections
sitting wormhole: on sitting / in front of / a hedge
sound wormhole: ‘“ruddy crows!” / said my Dad …’
windows wormhole: there