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                                              happy birthday, my love

                                                              I bought
                                my girl two dresses
                                three dresses they slim
                                to her waist and flare
                                from her hips in pleats
                                and linen, shapes of
                                petal in freefall from
                                stem down to the
                                puddy feet in sandals
                                with tanned decisive
                                arms and just tamed
                                hair arcing and
                                cumulating grey
                in all direction





birthday wormhole: 2nd November 2011
C wormhole: our life
feet wormhole: in the middle of silence and heat:
grey wormhole: introducing / the stranger
hair wormhole: movement
love wormhole: Tulips by Sylvia Plath – How Far To Step Before You Raise The Other Foot