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                                                   consturnation …?

                                   woke up
                     from a dreamless night of consternation

                                   and worried
                     I’d taken all the turmoil from Van Gogh’s

                     in my greedy poem – the picture now seemed so flat –
                                   walked out
                     about town and got so spaced from hunger that I

                     the deep purple of ridged tiles waving on a roof
                                   like the

                     custom-tone of a new Audi and once I’d

                     some potato salad with gherkin

                                   I saw that
                     the cornfield still had all of its sway
                                   and burble


seuquel to … the poppies / of van Gogh




dream wormhole: letters to Mum IV – healing comes in smiling
field wormhole: they find their life growing together –
green wormhole: I could step / more open
hotel wormhole: !
poetry wormhole: this is not my poem / although I found it nevertheless
purple wormhole: … sshhh
roof wormhole: in the middle of silence and heat:
walking wormhole: movement