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                                                              tune up

                                after the rain
                and the paths still wet
                the window can now let open
                to clear the condensation
                from the bedroom at the level

                of treetops and roofs
                the network is already gathering
                pre-call testing testing
                three notes – pigeon pigeon

                                throat-clear – mute
                                long   lift-glide-land


                                                              time lapse
                                                              chapter lapse
                                                              three-call crow
                                                              oblique cut-off


                                              while seagulls climb and
                                swoop each other silently

                                                              baton taptaptap





bedroom wormhole: achieving good-enough living
birds wormhole: open window
music wormhole: letter 080514
open wormhole: waiting room
pigeons wormhole: afternoon 290613
rain wormhole: on sitting / in front of / a hedge
rooftops wormhole: Maidstone
seagull & trees wormhole: I could step / more open
voices wormhole: 1964
windows wormhole: Tulips by Sylvia Plath – How Far To Step Before You Raise The Other Foot