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                                should is good when
                                too used to cruise

                                                      don’t like anxiety
                                                      don’t like doubt
                                                      can’t sit with it
                                                      and feel comfortable
                always want to get
                get up off the floor
                and sit on a sofa
                relaxed and cushioned
                                                      but there is bad posture
                                                      can’t think what to do
                                                      strong need to get up
                                                      and achieve something
                but I should sit with anxiety
                sit with the doubt and
                sit with good posture
                and ‘be thankful for it’
                                                      and leave what I like and leave
                                                      what I don’t on the sofa
                                                      slipped down the sides and lost
                                                      with the crumbs and pennies





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