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                the always-aslant encounter
                                              of humans and street
                                making their lives
                                              in the grounds they see
                making their lives in the grounds they are given
                                                              constant encounter
                                as variable as the daily

                                                              for those who see
                elliptical to the happenstance –
                                              the skyline to the treeline
                                                              the glide to the cobble
                                the palm to the point
                                              the both-step-aside to avoid each other’s path
                                              and collide –
                                                              Hopper saw it
and Colan saw it and Strange had already
                                              stepped into it
                                                              stepped through it stepped out again


                                                              but now
                his pupils are that much more round
                                the trashcan tilted the better to see now the street
                                                              the face in the orb implied
                that everything had changed and that
would never be the same again

                                              continued …


askance from: Dr Strange #6-13 (Feb 1975-April 1976); Marvel; writer: Steve Englehart; artist: Gene Colan




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