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                                   & Luisen

                                   I have wanted to be
                                   attractive all my life

                                   but find nothing
                                   to buy when I

                                   catch my glimpse
                                   in shop window

                                   peoples’ lives pass
                                   in shoes as I sit

                                   by the memorial lion
                                   wounded to heart by

                                   broken arrow while the
                                   festival sound system

                                   performs checks and effects;
                                   we look for wider circles

                                   out from ourselves
                                   echoing across the platzs

                                   and intenser circles into ourselves
                                   between seeded white buns

                                   but achieve only greater or lesser
                                   extent of Venn and dissipation


darmstadt lion




being wormhole: Dr Strange I – the trashcan tilted the better to see now the street
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