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                                there are patient listeners
                sit upright on wicker chairs on the terrace
                                the right foot wrapping
                                              higher – lower
                                              around the left heel
                every single ‘like’ and ‘so’ parenthesis and meander
                                of the talker –
                                              litany of I and eye –
                                buoying with scansion
                slight steer with syntax and closed bracket while
                                              parsing the rejoinder
                                which might never need
                                              be used
                                if the map is spread
                                                              wide enough





coffee shop wormhole: Maidstone
compassion wormhole: we’re all the same age really
feet wormhole: happy birthday, my love
identity wormhole: Matildenplatz / & Luisen
listening wormhole: sniff
love wormhole: footfall
meaning wormhole: scattered
sitting wormhole: poised patiently for / hours
speech wormhole: Dr Strange II – … things are the same again
talking wormhole: letters to Mum V – carrying on in duty and love