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… time comes when the whole universe needs to be in on the discussion, as if it were never integral to each happenstance in the first place; coincides with Dr Strange actually arriving on the scene – funny that


                                                              there are ellipses, yes
                                but Strange has long known – they are doorways too

                                he can step through them all
                in the twinkle
of anyone’s eye

                                              he can see the aches
                                of option and perspective
                he can see the nightmares of polarity and stasis

                                                              bounding eternally towards him
                                              but never approaching
                                me                                ME

                                                                                 his own speech
                                                              becomes the twinkle in his eye
                                              he steps

                                and with a flourish
                                              the sky takes a form of the whole universe
                                                              to talk:


askance from: Dr Strange #6-13 (Feb 1975-April 1976); Marvel; writer: Steve Englehart; artist: Gene Colan




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