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                                with a slight smile
                I let all the flexed up and over-extended
                                gantries and girders
                                creaking and grinding like an obscene and vulgar meccano


                once and suddenly realise that this
                                is what I have to give
                                organic to the world like a heartbeat


* ‘tong’ is a Tibetan word meaning ‘taking’ (the pain, fate and tragedy, of myself and others, in the form of gastric-oily bile [whatever], into your heart, where it is cleansed and purified by your naïve and blatant care); ‘len’ means ‘giving’ (back, to yourself and others, the care and release that you have generated [at their instigation and encounter] with gratitude); done both with mind while sitting [meditation], and with body while doing [breathing]; until the roles of self and other are reversed like a tight glove taken off inside-out; if piqued have a look at:




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