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                                              yet another sprain
                                of ‘Jingle Bells’ straining
                                to propagate yet another
                                tired Christmas spirit – …
                ‘sanner clawsis coming t’ taunn – yeah’ in a
                                coffee shop with condensation
                                running off the snowflake transfers
                                and the iphone at the next table
                talking how 50 means 900 a month – not worth
                                the drive (left his scarf behind –
                                collateral)       …       about my age

                                in my fifties I come to realise
                how little I am what I wanted to be
                                              all along
                                how much I have missed what I was while
                                              I strived to be something else
                                how anxious all the while that I wasn’t
                                                                                              can nobody hear me?





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