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                casing out an area
in NYC a small square
                                a widened sidewalk before
                                a Civic Building
                where I have my strange fights
                                of foil and counter(feit?):
                                              a street-height flagpole
                                diagonal over a bakery (historic building
                set at slight angle to the rest of the street)
                                good to get over the traffic, let’s see,
                                              a higher flagpole opposite
                                              above the clock
                                                              where I shall arrive
                                                                                 on time – HA!
                                              the perspectives are right and recede
                                                              through purple plane
                                                                                 and blue flank
                                                              I look to find the name of the streets
                                              but there are too many signs
                                                              I don’t know how to
                                                                                 pronounce them and ‘anyway
                                                                                              ‘is it all just
                                                                                                            a dream?’





Batman wormhole: four-colour pulp into cinematic di[gital]pix[el][live ac]tion so easily makes for semantic palava (if you read what I mean) … the foredreading of Dr Strange
blue & streets wormhole: ‘“Never,” said the Sandman; / he blinked …’
buildings wormhole: glass
dream & purple wormhole: Plumstead – Woolwich 121114
time wormhole: yet another sprain / of ‘Jingle Bells’ straining / to propagate yet another / tired Christmas spirit – … / ‘sanner clawsis coming t’ taunn – yeah’ in a / coffee shop with condensation / running off the snowflake transfers / and the iphone at the next table / talking how 50 means 900 a month – not worth / the drive (left his scarf behind – / collateral) … about my age