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                has undone you; you know of all others’ success and see
                                                              only your own failure
                                              you will not
                                you would have all knowledge …’*
                                                              and build your ignorance to the skies

                all the words of all the times of all the worlds speak
                                                              and from each word you draw more closely in
                                              upon yourself unable
                                to settle on shared or compromise

                                                              ‘… stand on their differences
                                and shoot at the moon’** ‘each man must win
                                                              so all men must lose’*
                                                                                 all expansion
must take the turn of contraction, you cannot have
                                sustained growth only, ‘first comes spring and summer;
                                                              but then we have fall and winter,


* Steve Englehart, Dr Strange#10, Oct 1975, from p.15-16
** Paul Simon, Cars Are Cars, Hearts and Bones, 1983
*** Being There (1979), dir: Hal Ashby, Chance the Gardener

askance from: Dr Strange #6-13 (Feb 1975-April 1976); Marvel; writer: Steve Englehart; artist: Gene Colan




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