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                                  Kirby’s landscapes

                                 among the street trees
                           and trouser shadows people
                              struggle with fashion

                                           but few look to the
                           rooftops where the reach of arm
                                can span neighbourhoods

                              and monuments, stacked
                           to pinnacle bricked to stand,
                              the lens is mistrust-

                                         worthy – the shift of
                           golden hair – between the streets
                                and blocks of façade

                            where bridges raise the
                           access, lower the canyon
                            to the river that

                                        knows no busy-ness
                           ranged wide along its banks and
                               harbours, failure to

                            see this tips buildings
                           beyond the vertical, you
                            cannot have angle

                                  on a pavement on
                           a road, elegant stonework
                              curling ironwork

                                     won’t allow it while
                           the hats of heads vie with sky
                              line, you see, billboards

                                           and water towers
                           have been made redundant but
                                they had class and style


most of the images for this were reaped and harvested from The Fantastic Four #95, February 1970; plot: Stan Lee; art and storytelling: Jack Kirby; it was only after I put the finishing touches to the ‘billboards’ and ‘water towers’ in the last stanza that I realised it was all ABOUT Jack Kirby; have a lookit: this; and, maybe, also … this:





bridge wormhole: dream / 150599
buildings & sky wormhole: Dr Strange V – all the words of all the times of all the worlds speak
gold wormhole: Christmas
haiku(esque) wormhole: ‘the blues shifted …’
hair wormhole: knees
Manhattan wormhole: introducing / the stranger
people wormhole: smiling
river & shadow & streets wormhole: Plumstead – Woolwich – Plumstead 290508 – / the breath of London
roads wormhole: bass and piano
rooftops wormhole: never there
seeing wormhole: Dr Strange I – the trashcan tilted the better to see now the street
stone wormhole: the precision // the gentleness // and / the letting go
trees wormhole: Plumstead – Woolwich 121114