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                                the silent night of the Batman

                                even while they carried their
                                gift-wrapped parcels and looked
                                to each other with smiles of belief

                                the shop signs hummed dark
                                against the marbled frontage
                                while above the quiet floors

                                of stone-framed window looked east
                                looked south all the same in ink-black sky
                                enough to write a novel in a single sitting

                                enough to hold a fleet of stars
                                above the skyline stacking slowly
                                when the sky turns ink-green the rooftop

                                gathers ink-blue attention and leaps
                                without step or swing through the
                                glass and cornice of city vistas and

                                lingering thought to shadow the guilt
                                to alley the share to streetlamp the fear
                                and river the rose cast high and wide to the stars

                                until marzipan fingers reach across the
                                ink-purple sky and marshmallow lights
                                go out


The Silent Night of the Batman‘ in Batman #219, Feb 1970; writer: Mike Friedrich; art: Neal Adams; inks: Dick Giordano


end silent night of the batman



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