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                                   while domestic snap and banter
                                   fits within the landscape of living room

                                   some break off to stand silhouetted and
                                   rain-streaked by the windows and

                                   high apartments until a hand of rock
                                   holds the griddled gathering of civic plan

                                   clear-skyed and clear-eyed beneath
                                   all fiery scan and catastrophe “so long

                                   as men feel the end can justify the means
                                   … the fools!   The blind unwitting fools!”

                                   where all about heads become regal and
                                   all feature and thought become arrays of pin

                                   and needle protruding as face, then
                                   there is need for technology to soar

                                   great underbelly to the rooftops


askance from Fantastic Four #s 102-103 (September-October 1970), Marvel, plot: Stan Lee; storytelling & art: Jack Kirby & John Romita




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