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                                it was the Buddha Amitabha
                                sitting across the whole city

                                his red robes shaped of
                                every peak and building

                                like afternoon light
                                tinting the windows

                                drawing upwards and hovering
                                like a balmy shower yet to fall

                                airily with billows like a universal
                                banner and silent like distance

                                sitting nobly upright with
                                endeavour effortless in repose

                                where everything is already
                                done and yet notices even me

                                although he doesn’t look
                                and I cannot see





afternoon wormhole: axis: bold as love
Buddha wormhole: Vajrapani
buildings & light & red & windows wormhole: new year’s eve 2014; train up to London to / walk the bridges across the Thames, and / listen to the voices say it is, and was, like, / but get back home before the fireworks / obliterate it all in the emptying twilight
city wormhole: great underbelly to the rooftops
clouds wormhole: Plumstead – Woolwich 121114
identity wormhole: living mystery / murder theatre
posture wormhole: Plumstead – Woolwich – Plumstead 290508 – / the breath of London
realisation wormhole: – sigh! –
silence & skyline wormhole: the silent night of the Batman
sitting wormhole: sometimes