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                                                   Alan Turing
                                                   stood sat be
                                                   fore the ma
                                                   chine he was
                                                   bigger than
                                                   the machine
                                                   he was small
                                                   er than the
                                                   machine to
                                                   the right w
                                                   heels turn
                                                   ed and stop
                                                   ped to the
                                                   left they
                                                   and turned
                                                   above they
                                                   did nothing
                                                   then they
                                                   turned and
                                                   lights lit up
                                                   he was a he
                                                   ro but un
                                                   known he
                                                   was in
                                                   decent and
                                                   ed castrated


The Imitation Game (2014); director: Morten Tyldum; actors: Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley




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