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                                “out of step is useful because
                                  that means you get to notice
                                  what others have missed; out
                                  of line is no use to anyone”

                                          I suppose
                                I need to write along the feint lines
                                even when I have nowhere to go
                                and often when I don’t arrive

                                more regularly and rhythmically
                                all the better to notice the shift
                                of point and tend of direction

                                while mapping the whole journey





posture & travelling wormhole: 1959 –– MANHATTAN –– 2012
practice wormhole: re lax // me
talking to myself wormhole: new year’s eve 2014; train up to London to / walk the bridges across the Thames, and / listen to the voices say it is, and was, like, / but get back home before the fireworks / obliterate it all in the emptying twilight
writing wormhole: crumpled / notebooks / at the end of a gentle retreat