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                                              the rectangular dab
                                an upstroke
                lilac like a brick

                                              on end twisted
                                off the canvas
                like a slipped step

                                              showing purple
                floating in olive air

                                              but no Prussian Blue –
                                doesn’t work – just
                a border wide as half

                                              the field we stand in, face it
                                it’s the next day
                the moment is finished

                                              the edge has come …





air & blue & lilac wormhole: 1959 –– MANHATTAN –– 2012
field wormhole: new year’s eve 2014; train up to London to / walk the bridges across the Thames, and / listen to the voices say it is, and was, like, / but get back home before the fireworks / obliterate it all in the emptying twilight
lifetimes wormhole: Woolwich Central – making life better II
olive wormhole: deeper
purple wormhole: the silent night of the Batman
time wormhole: I am a solid block of stone